Friday, July 17, 2020

Have a Great Summer!

Maths - Friday 17th July

Hi year 6,

For your final lesson before the Summer break we are going to look at a few problem solving questions related to some of the aspects of maths we have covered over the past week.

Q1 - Think about what the angles in a triangle and quadrilateral should add up to.


Q3. The lines that you draw for the radius and diameter will have go straight through the dot in the centre of the circle.

Q4. Remember the angles on a straight line a the same as a triangle!

English - Friday 17th July (Writing a Biography)

Hi year 6,

Today you will be writing your biography. Here is your video lesson:

Writing a Biography

You have the following choices for who to write about:

1. A famous person - e.g. Lionel Messi, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama etc...

2. An older family member mum, dad, uncle etc...

You might have to do some research it you choose a famous person.

Here are some ideas for things to include in your biography and how to structure it:

 Here are some ideas about expanding your sentences.

You could draw and complete a grid like this to collect some of your ideas together.

Here are the things you could include in each of you 4 paragraphs:


Good luck with your biographies. I would be interested to see who you write about, so if you can please e-mail your writing to:

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Maths Challenge - Thursday 16th July

Good morning year 6,

Today's lesson is about a mathematical word called 'the mean'. The mean is a way of finding an average from a series of numbers. For example if a footballer score 1 goal in the first game, 3 in the second and 2 in the third - the average number of goals per game is 2. 

We get this by using the calculations 6 divided by 3.

6 is the total number of goals
3 is the number of games.

This video goes into more detail:

Year 6 - Week 12 - Lesson 4 - The mean from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Here are your worksheets about the mean@

English - Thursday 16th July (SPAG)

Hi year 6,

Today's lesson will be a SPAG lesson we will be looking at cohesive devices like determiners and pronouns. Here is the video lesson:

SPAG - Cohesive Devices

There are quite a lot of tasks today, so take your time. You don't have to do them all in one go.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Maths - Wednesday 15th July

Hi year 6,

Today's lesson is about pie charts. Pie charts are a way of representing information, particularly percentages, in a visual form. Here is the video lesson:

Year 6 - Week 12 - Lesson 3 - Read and interpret pie charts from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Here are your questions about pie charts:

English - Wednesday 15th July

Hi all,

Today lesson will be a features lesson on what makes a good biography. Here is your video lesson:

Lesson 3 - Biography Features

These are the features of a biography layout -

Paragraphs describing the life and achievements in chronological order
Text box with interesting factions and information
Pictures with captions

Use these features to label the Neil Armstrong biography below:

Now answer the questions about the features of the biography below: