Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Rainbows for Nightingale.

Rainbows for Nightingale.

NHS Nightingale are looking for pictures and messages of Hope drawn by children to decorate the bare walls.
Please ensure that pictures are A4 so they can be laminated for infection control purposes. If you can laminate them before sending to your regional hub PLEASE do! This saves a lot of work for those who are giving up time to do this. Feel free to draw as many as you like there are no restrictions on sharing the love! Also if you’d like to write a message of hope or get well wishes please feel free to!
Whichever region you live in can you please send your pictures to the address that has been assigned to your region (I know not all addresses are within your region but we’ve had to divide it up the best we can with the volunteers we’ve got). This helps to share the load between those who have volunteered.
When you’ve posted to your regional hub - they will then be lovingly collected and once there’s enough will be sent on to someone who will deliver them to the Nightingale Hospital.
Finally on a health and safety point - please adhere to all government guidelines and adhere to safe self distancing measures. Always wash or gel hands after handling post etc.
All pictures should be addressed to “Rainbows for Nightingale”
Address for Yorkshire and Humberside -

Rainbows for Nightingale 
97 Doveside Drive 
S73 9NW

Mrs Roberts Home Learning

As some of you know - I enjoy Design and Technology and particularly cross stitching so I decided to set myself a new challenge - a gift for you!

Here are my creations so far!

ART Ideas

Hi Year 6, for those of you that enjoy completing some art - I have identified lots of ideas on different websites. Dip in, have a look, and get creative hope they help.  Keep all your art together in your pack and we will look at them when we return.








Monday, March 30, 2020

Doncaster Stories

Hi all,
Doncaster Literacy Trust are organising some great competitions over the lockdown period.  I think this would be a great opportunity for your child to develop their creative writing skills and their love of reading.  
Here is a link to their facebook page - please take a look!

This week the creative writing challenge is set at The Frenchgate Centre!  I could see some amazing creativity from this!  Please encourage your child to take part.  It is such a great opportunity for them.

Happy Writing!
Mrs Clark xx

Friday, March 27, 2020

Maths - Week Two

Hello Year 6,

We hope you are finding the revision guides useful and that they are supporting you with your learning. This week we are going to give you a problem to attempt each day in your Maths Books and then on Thursday we would like you to complete your reasoning assessment.

You don't need to print the sheets - just complete the answers and calculations in your books like we would in morning challenge. Draw out the problems to help just like we have practised in class.




Please complete your reasoning 2 paper, you need to give yourself 40 minutes for this and please ensure you have had some breakfast and a drink before you begin.


English - Week Two

Hello Year 6, 

We hope you have had an enjoyable week last week and were being as creative as possible. This week's focus for English is Grammar, remember to use your revision guide to help.

Monday: Re-write the passage using the correct punctuation.

it would take quite a few hours to cook, but martin was determined to complete the recipe when finally finished they realised that they could not all fit round the dining table after dinner the children were not persuaded to do the washing up unfortunately the familys dishwasher had broken and they had not been able to get it fixed. the repairs will not occur for another week martin stated

Spelling -  Unjumble the words to complete the sentences (try to guess the words first).

eintrtes, aurticrlpa

1. The dog showed           (8) in his new toy.

2. The jewels were precious; the diamond in              (10) was the best.

Tuesday: Underline the main clauses in each sentence.

1. It would take quite a few hours to cook, but Martin was determined to complete the recipe.
2. When finally finished, they realised that they could not all fit round the dining table.
3. After dinner, the children were not persuaded to do the washing up.
4. Unfortunately, the family’s dishwasher had broken and they had not been able to get it fixed.
5. The repairs will not occur for another week,” Martin stated.

Spelling -  Unjumble the words to complete the sentences (try to guess the words first).

aghutyn, uosprep

1. The          (7) kitten scampered up the curtains with his sharp claws.
2. The           (7) of the phone call was to speak to the police.

Wednesday: Identify the verbs in these sentences.

1. Last week I visited Colchester Zoo with my brother.
2. Bernard really didn’t want to go as he loves football and plays every Saturday.
3. We saw a weird looking monkey that came from an island called Zanzibar, found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa.
4. Henry Tudor had some similar specimens residing in his private zoo in London.

Spelling - The words below are synonyms for the missing words.

games event, certain

1. There was a lot of c  __________ (11) between the two teams on sports day.
2. Helen’s d  _________(8) answer to the Maths question was 100.

Thursday: Identify the adjectives.

1. Even though it wasn’t nice outside, the stubborn dog still required walking.
2. Frank and Bernard’s long-haired friend always likes to walk around the park five times.
3. Because they didn’t want to get drenched, the two brothers wore their new dog-walking coats.
4. The coats, which they refused to buy unless they were a certain brand, weren’t cheap.
5. The dog’s coat (a shaggy mane) was a different story. 

Spelling - The words below are synonyms for the missing words.

answer, brilliant, Houses of London

1.Carl’s e   __     (11) of lateness for school was a bad excuse.
2. Old Grandpa Brian grew a     m _____ (10) giant onion in his garden.
3. The Houses of P   __________ (10) are historic buildings in London.

Friday: Complete the Grammar paper that has been provided in your pack. You need to give yourself 45 minutes for the test. Please have some breakfast and a drink before you begin.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

ICT: Online Safety

These are simple 15-minute activities you can do at home with your parents. 

Activity 1: Watch Play Like Share, Episode 1 

Find Play Like Share at 

Watch Episode 1: Block Him Right Good, Alfie with your child. 
Use the following questions to chat about the cartoon: 
1. What did you think? What did you like about Play Like Share?
2. What different things do Sam, Ellie and Alfie do online? 
3. What problem did Alfie face at the beginning of the cartoon?
4. How did the gamer make Alfie feel?
5. What did Alfie do when he realised something wasn’t right? 
6. What happened when Selfie’s video was made public? How did it make them feel? 

Activity 2: Design a poster for Selfie

Create a poster for Sam, Ellie and Alfie’s new band Selfie. 
Come up with a design that shows off each character’s talents and personality.   

- Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Roberts would love to see your work! If you like, Tweet it to @HillTop Academy.  

Artwork only please! Do not share your name or personal information, or any pictures of yourself! 


Thinkuknow is the online safety education programme from the National Crime Agency. Once a fortnight, On Tuesdays, they will produce an activity sheet to help you support your child while schools are partially closed. 

You’ll find lots of support and advice for parents and carers on keeping your child safe online at: